Компания SNC SOLIMETAL занимает ведущее место среди производителей мебели для общественных зданий.

SOLIMETAL предлагает широкий ассортимент продукции (столы, стулья, вешалки и т.д.). Вся продукция имеет высокое качество и востребовано на внутреннем рынке Алжира.
Качество продукции достигается за счет тщательного отбора материалов, применения современных технологий производства и контроль качества.

Выпускаемая мебель поставляется:
  • школы и университеты;
  • больницы и приюты;
  • общежития;
  • пожарные части;
  • столовые и т.д.
Компания SOLIMETAL имеет значительную долю внутреннего рынка Алжира.

Сайт компании:

CNS SOLIMITAL is a partner of choice and confidence, which ranks in the line leading specialist in the manufacture of furniture for public buildings.

Led by a dynamic team of qualified and have a capital experience, SOLIMITAL adopts and develops a policy
creativity, high quality, which tends to follow market trends, also meets
its clientele, to maintain its credibility and quality label.

SOLIMITAL features recent industrial means of high performance and mastering processes
high-technology for the manufacture of its products. Her motto remains a rigorous selection
materials and components used in the composition of its furniture, thus giving it an undeniable quality.

SOLIMITAL offers a wide range of products (tables, desks, chairs, liters, locker rooms ....) Conforming to the standards set, for different sectors and communities such as:

  •   schools and universities.
  •   The hospital or shelter.
  •   Apartments and dormitories.
  •   Fire and bases of lives.
  •   Centre o holiday.
  •   rehabilitation establishments.
  •   Canteen ....

In his experience, performance and know-how, SOLIMITAL could monopolize a significant share of the domestic market and this throughout the whole territory.

As a reference, SOLIMITAL include an excerpt from a prestigious clientele that account his record and history which tends to partnership