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SYRALG is a leading company in construction field our main activities are in Algerian republic.

Our reputation is acquired after years of performing high quality projects, delivering the work on time and respecting national regulations and authority.

Our success comes from our employees, we have a experienced staff witch is trained to deal with the new technology in construction field.

We mix our experience with imploying modern technologies, we stay up to date, we work with one thing in mind hoping our services to meet your requirements.

Since 1987, the company of KHEDR JAD MASRI is working in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Quality Control (QC), Sandblasting and Coating in construction, oil, hydraulic, electrical and gas projects in Syria.

As QC works can not be separated from construction works, the Top Management of the company decided, after acquiring all the necessary expertise in accordance with international standards, to create in 1997, a company for construction and control works which had already undertaken a lot of projects such as tanks and lines in Syria, Lebanon and Algeria.

We have performed a lot of projects all over the Algerian terrain from the north to the south we concentrate on oil and gas facilities construction projects we have performed pipelines, piping, tanks construction, equipment erection, civil works construction and electrical works......etc

Right now we are concentrating all our activities in Algeria.

Tel: +213 (0) 21 56 49 05

Fax:+213 (0) 21 56 23 10

Full address: Cité 56 Logts Bt B3 MEZ N°6 Saïd Hamdine Bir Mourad Raïs -ALGER-

Сайт компании: http://www.syralgsa.com

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